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Capital Campaign

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Villa Madonna Academy has entered Operation Homestretch!
We are in the final 100 days of our ambitious plan to Transform our Future and Treasure our Tradition as we set out to renovate the Center and Main Buildings. We have received the support of many Villa families, faculty members, and friends in the community. We invite you to invest in the future of
Villa Madonna Academy!
We are thankful for your support!
We have received 350+ Letters of Intent.
We have raised $3.6 million!
Fundraising Thermometer
We need to get to $4.5 million to begin renovations in mid-2023!
To join our campaign, please click on the buttons below to fill out a
Capital Campaign Letter of Intent or to make gift to the campaign.

Thank you to the generous donors to the Capital Campaign.
Below are the donors as of November 17, 2022.

Andrew and Anna Adams

Timothy and Virginia Klingenberg Akin '69

Kathlyn Exterkamp Alig '69

In memory of Milton A. Allen

Luke Alquizola and Patty Bachman

Bob Amott and Janice Flanagan

Anonymous (7)

Laurence and Carolyn Ostendorf Annear '67

Jean Ann Nienaber Auberger '59

Alex and Allison Baggott-Rowe

Larry and Andrea Bailey

Reno and Maureen Sack Baioni '80

Alex and Sarah Bakkum

John and Charlene Bankemper

Matthew and Elizabeth McGraw Barker '95

Stephen and Carol Spille Barton '83

Janet Baugh

Norbert and Pauline Baumann

Wayne and Barbara Beimesch

J. Patrick and Mary O'Donnell Bell '67

Christopher and Casey Bennett

John and April Bertoli

David and Lisa Bezold

Aaron and Maureen Bickford

Barbara Tillman Blank '61

Stephanie Bogenschutz

Jason and Soshana Marx Bosley '91

David and Jacquelyn Boucher

Peter and Melanie Higdon Boylan '61

Benjamin and Karen Brandstetter

James and Donna Brigger

Marc and Katherine Brown

Ty and Lauren Brown

Jim and Mary Lynn Roeding Brunemann '77

Judith Dunajski Buder '69

George and Mary Jo Budig

Michael and Christine Burke

Michelle Campling

Walter and Jacqueline Carroll

Robert and Kimberly Kramer Case '92

William Case and Lisa Cassetta

Christopher and Ellen Ruehl Chadwick '98

Sandy Smith Champlin '72

Linda Leonhard Chaney '83

Joseph and Laura Chillo

Nicholas and Francesca Clark

Brian and Lucy Coburn

Robert and Carol Jo Nutini Colacurcio '69

James and Mary Margaret Heile Cole '67

William and Maureen Foltz Coleman '72

Kathy Brauch Collins '67

Tim and Melissa Collins

Adam and Jennifer Colvin

Joseph Cordonnier

Yael and Judy Cosset

Joseph and Michele Barton Crowley '85

Janet Landwehr Curley '66

Neil and Trenna Currie

Timothy and Teresa Davis

Gregory and Susan Davis

Jack DeAtley

Michael and Linda DeFrank

Brent and Kelly Degenhardt

James and Jeni Demler

Kyle and Julie Dickman

June Brannen Dineen '66

Ruth Seligman Doering '58

Martha Donahue '54

Patricia Haines Dopp '61

Marshall and Tami Dosker

Douglas and Barbara Droege

Ajdin and Amanda Dropic

David and Dottie Hellmann Due '57

Robert Due '13

John and Mary Beth Humpert Dunn '69

Thomas and Pat Reibling Ehlman '61

Nick and Sarah Eichmann

Oakley and Eva Farris

Nicolas and Chloe Nemann Ferreghini '10

Fidelity Foundation

Fifth Third Bank

The Fischer Family

Mark and Lydia Fogel

Randall and Roberta Folmer

Matthew Ford '02 and Colleen Pavel Ford '02

Mary Anne Doll Foss '61

Chris and Ashley Froelicher

Jason and Jessica Fryia

GE Foundation

Mark and Jan Edwards Gehring '69

Dean Gerakos and Tonya Burns-Gerakos

Maureen O'Connell Gerner '79

Mary Ann Sack Gerrein '80

John Gharst

Martin and Kelly Giesbrecht

Maureen Gilmore '66

Monica Ginney '85

Joseph and Emily Gockerman

Gregory and Abbey Schwarb Goddard '05

Ernest and Adrienne Gordon

Matthew Grannen and MaryAnn Pietromonaco

Joseph and Mary Beth Schutte Grant '75

Richard and Regina Davis Grau '67

Sandy List Grieme '69

Denise Griffin '85

Scott and Jane Scheper Grosser '81

Ralph and Barbara Janson Gruppo '62

Bruce and Amy Gurley

Patrick and Mary Pat Halpin

The Hammond Family

Gary and Mary Jeanne Kreeb Hampton '66

Judy Saladin Haney '59

Eileen Lonneman Hartke '59

Laura Haskamp

Tony Haskamp '05

Joseph and Annette Hassoun

George and Kathy Scheper Henry '66

Dale and Karen Henson

Bob Henson III '02 and Shannon Henson

Janice Herrmann '75 and Jeff Fosco

Ron and Patricia Higgins

Terry Hirschfeld '61 and Gerald Sigl

Susan Perry Hoffman '69

Thomas and Carole Machlied Holian '59

Christine Rippe Hollenkamp Nesbitt '69

Sam and Haleigh Hollin

Robert and Kristin Worland Holt '90

Linda Holt

Bob and Amy Holtzman

Bill Horn and Theresa Spaulding Horn

Joseph and Lynne Dick Horning '56

Adrian and Maria Hothem

Melissa Otten Howard '72

Tim and Lauren Hruszkewycz

Joshua and Kathleen Kinman Hughes '96

Mary Alexander Huhn '65

Jesse and Ashley Hulsey

Alexander and Sarah  Humphrey

Walter and Cicely Ingram

Kyle and Mallory Isaack

Michael Jedlinski and Sara Aydt

Ann Huller Johnson '69

Scott and Eileen Jones

Charissa Junker '15

Jerome and Eileen Maher Junker '87

Fran Makris Kavouras '72

Larry and Bonnie Stewart Keene '69

Jack and Sandra Kenkel

Glenn and Sheila Kermes

Robert and Tara Wesseler Kersting '97

Jim and Angela Brannen Kiger '68

Jimmy King and Jennifer Sierra

Todd Kirchhoff and Cate Brown

Kenneth and Donna Klus

Richard and Nancy Fedders Klus '61

William and Heidi Knochelmann

David and Carol Grout Koester '69

Brian and Patricia Geary Koffman '69

Mark and Amanda Kolar

Bob and Mary Anne Grout Kordenbrock '68

Sr. Nancy Kordenbrock, OSB '66

Albert and Melinda Kovacic

Kenneth and Sandra Budde Krumpelman '69

Jerome and Regina Wefer Kunkel '67

Katie Kurzendoerfer '09

Greg and Celeste Lamping

Greg and Mary Land

Sally Strother Langenbahn '69

Howard and Theresa Law

Ken and Shelly Lawson

John and Marla Redden Layne '67

Robert and Jenn Lewis

Drew and Michelle Litmer

Bob and Mary Elizabeth Foltz Livingston '69

Carole Lonneman

Jack and Michelle Schulte Loos '69

Carol Wefer Luersen '67

Thomas and Pam Lux

Michael and Kathy Bankemper Lynch '74

Constance Heimbrock Maccarone '68

Margaret Lemker Maddox '69

Pat and Amy Malone

Marc and Elizabeth Marlette

Judith Middendorf Marlowe '65

John and Maria Martini

Linda Matz '69

David Mavricos

Judith McCullough-Mayfield '59 and Frank Mayfield

Louis and Holly Hirt Mazzocca '04

Michael and Marianne Cahill McGhee '83

Larry and Sharon Grimm McGovern '59

Albert and Pamela McQueen

Michael and Elizabeth McWhinnie

Stephen and Jane Scheper Meier '69

Jamie Melish

Richard and Mary Ann Menke

Jerald and Eileen Rehkamp Messer '66

Marlene Hackman Meyers '59


Carol Munninghoff Miller '60

Matt and Molly Miller

Bryan and Elizabeth Mills

Shannon Mobley

James and Melinda Morgan

Sheila Hammond Morin '59

Tony and Becky Motley

Deborah Schabell Mueller '69

Nathan Mullins

Brian Murray '12

Michael and Laurie Schutte Murray '80

Jack Neace

Jack and Donna Sack Neiser '67

Tann Nichols and Nicole Kuzmin-Nichols

Sr. Eileen O'Connell '84

Steven and Stamatia Papakirk

Vinu and Manu Patel

Kyle and Sydney Patrick

Laszlo and Mary Pavel

Christopher and Elizabeth Schaffield Penn '65

Ann Tewes Perkins '69

PNC Bank Foundation

Brian and Karen Dames Poole '89

Gene and Kathy Anthe Porter '59

Rev. Jenny White Pratt '72 and Horace Pratt

Robinson and Mikel Quast

Mike and Martha Bankemper Queenan '61

The R. C. Durr Foundation, Inc.

Ryan and Jill Ramdass

Mary Leonhard Ran '67

JoAnn Randolph

Paula Ransom

Brian and Jennifer Rapien

Robert and Melinda Flerlage Reckers '68

Virginia Jehn Rees '69

Tonya Regensburger

Jeanne Wehry Rittinger '72

Jennifer Roberts

Joan Wernersbach Robinson '65

James and Virginia Hellmann Robke '69

Nancy Schrand Roeding '51

David and Christine Roncaglione

Christopher and Amanda Rood

Ann Kreutzkamp Ross '59

Barbara Vogt Rossi '60

Anthony and Clare Weber Ruehl '71

John and Darlene Ryan

Susan Ryman

Joel John Santos '93 and Ria Santos

SC Johnson

Jeffrey and Barbara Baumann Schaefer '86 and Family

Carol Brown Schaefer '60

Andrew and Erin Schaeffer

Brian and Bridget Schleper

Rosemary Klingenberg Schmidt '69

Peter and Amy Schubert

Greg and Mary Paula Schuh

William and Julie Makris Schuler '72

Damien and Veronica Sebald

Mirko and Duka Sebez

Don and Suzanne Shields

Bradford and Rebecca Short

Steve and Amy Slazyk

Tricia Smaracko

Elaine Burke Smith '59

Paula Billiter Snow '67

Barbara Lubrecht Snyder '69

St. Elizabeth Healthcare

St. Walburg Monastery

James and Mary Anita Scheper Stautberg '60

Farley Stephenson '05 and Anne Archer Hinkle

William and Nancy Curtin Stiefvater '67

Jason Strange

Brandon and Jamie Stumbo

Elizabeth Summe '69

Paul and Amber Suttmiller

Susan Tarrant '69

Terry and Teresa Taylor

David and Melodie Straw Thiel '60

Jeffrey and Jennifer Thiemann

Michelle Tibbs

Ben Tilley

Nathan Timm and Kimberly Daly

Lowell and Kathleen Timm

TNC Services

Michael and Krysti Roselli Trevor '05

Gareth and Gina Turgeon

Onye and Abigail Uzoukwu

Lona Venters Valentine

Ruth Jean Venters

Victory Mortgage, LLC

Todd and Laura Vieth

Dan, Robin and Sofia Virzi

Aaron Vissman and Brandie Chan

VMA Class of 2005

Tony and Angela Wagner

Joseph and Lori Wall

Sarella Walton '60

Eric and Elizabeth Webb

Kay Wehry '67

Alex Weil

Dale and Darlene Wellman

Jessica Hoerlein Wendt '91

Theodore and Teresa Werner

Donna Wesseler

Michael and Mary Jo Whelan

Joseph Williams and Putri Sukardi

Richard and Carolyn Rohrer Witte '66

David and Lisa Witzgall

Mark and Patricia Wolff

Thomas and Lindsay Workman

Ed and Beth Worland

Zachary and Gabrielle Wuebben

Mary Wurtz '16

Christine Rust Yarmuth '60

Christina Von Holle Young '69

James and Debbie Young

Katherine Young '97

Jennifer Yuenger

Rob and Jessica Zai

Norma Zeitler

Anthony and Geraldine Zembrodt

Ellen Arbogast Hackman-Ziegler '56 and Will Ziegler



Consider a gift to our Capital Campaign today. You may make a gift online by clicking the Donate Now button or call us to make a donation at 859-331-6333 ext. 132.