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Lunch Prices

Prices include 6 to 8oz. beverage, entree choice, and one trip through salad bar.
Grade K: $4.40 (includes afternoon drink & snack $1.00)
Grades 1-6: $3.40 (6th large drink available/additional charge)
Grades 7-8: $4.00 (large drink available/additional charge)
Grades 9-12: $4.15 (large drink available/additional charge)
A La Carte items available with prices posted in the lunchroom. (Prices range from $.50 - $2.00) 
We have voluntarily withdrawn from participation in the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). This allows us to determine our own menus, try new items, and deviate from the six week cycle of menus provided by the Diocese. We consider requests for new foods, serve nutritious meals to our community, and observe which items are popular, which are not, and make adjustments as the year progresses.
The menu is provided monthly to all families and is located above.  It includes a variety of healthy items such as whole grains, fat free or 1% milk, and "light" cream cheese. Our produce is purchased from Kremer's Market.
If you have any questions, please contact Cafeteria Manager, Barb Droege.
Cafeteria Staff
 Barb Droege
Cafeteria Manager
Darlene Ryan