VillaRama 2018

Fund the Need

Last year, Fund the Need raised $18,000 for The Modern Classroom. The elementary school purchased 5 iPad charging carts, new bean bag chairs for 6th grade, seating for the Library, and new desks for a classroom. The high school/junior high purchased 2 smart TVs, furniture for the Learning Commons, a standing desk, new furniture for 1 classroom that replaced the desks, and two cameras for documentation and publication of project-based learning. The broad range of items has benefitted every student in the school. Thank you for your partnership to improve our learning environment.

This year, the HS/JH would like to continue to build on last year’s efforts and provide the students with new SMART technology interactive screens and replace desks with tables and chairs. The new furniture allows greater versatility for learning as compared to traditional desks.
The elementary school would use their funds to update the playground. The playground would be re-graded for better drainage, boxes built to hold mulch under the equipment, and new mulch laid. If funds permit, new soccer and/or basketball goals would be added.

Fund the Need allows each principal to purchase the items that best accommodate the students and enhances the educational environment.