Dear Villa Community,

It is great to be back!  We welcome this school year filled with opportunities to learn in creative ways, to utilize our beautiful campus as a learning center, and to continue to embrace the dignity of all individuals.

Life may certainly present "roads less traveled," but we rolled up our sleeves and got to work in March when we moved to NTI.  We learned much, shared our successes and endeavors with others, and the groundwork was in place for this new year that begins with both in-person instruction and remote learning.

As these exciting days lie ahead, we are preparing for Villa's future.   The Pacesetter phase of our capital campaign continues as we plan for the renovation of the Center Building and the creation of a STEM wing for high school and junior high students.  The support of our Villa stakeholders is needed - and appreciated - so that generations of Villa students can continue the work of our Benedictine sisters.

In the spirit of St. Benedict, our commitment to you is this:  We vow to Listen.  Learn.  Lead.  Love.  Together we remain strong, we grow.  We work with our students to become leaders, to develop as reflective disciples in a world that continually presents the unknown.  Together, we welcome the challenges with open hearts and minds.  We are strong.   We are Benedictine.  We are Villa.

God’s Peace,

Mrs. Pamela McQueen

Executive Director/High School-Junior High Principal