Dear Villa Community,

We celebrate a year filled with countless opportunities to learn something new, to reach beyond our perceived capacities, to embrace the possibilities.  Excitement abounds every day here at Villa as we grow both academically and spiritually.

Our students and faculty continue to challenge themselves to be the best they can be:  A perfect ACT score, two 1000-point basketball milestones, acceptances into universities that span the country from the University of Rochester to the California Institute of Technology, academic scholarships from the High School Placement Test - what an incredible year.  100% of our seniors were accepted into college, earning an average of $265,000 scholarship offer/student.   The collaborative relationships here at Villa create a learning community where everyone is important and dreams are possible.

This year, we celebrate 115 years of Benedictinen education!  What a tribute to the Benedictine sisters and those who have made this school a success on so many levels!    We are excited to plan for the renovation of the Center Building and the creation of a STEM wing for high school and junior high students.  Too, a new roof on our main mid-century building will be in place for the new school year. The support of our Villa stakeholders is appreciated as we plan for our exciting future!

May you enjoy this summer and the preparations for the new school year. Pope Francis reminded us that "joy springs from a grateful heart," and so today, and always, let us find joy in all we do, and let us see the beauty in the world and love life -because that is Villa.  We are Villa.

God’s Peace,

Mrs. Pamela McQueen

Executive Director/High School-Junior High Principal